Curve News | Apr 2013

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Northern Soul

Curve travelled to Manchester to enjoy a little bit of northern soul at Mixed Tour 2. The journey up saw an unusually erudite Curve team discussing their wine preferences and the questionable abilities of sommeliers, before the beer kicked in and shouts of `Contact’ and willy jokes heralded us back to safe territory.

We started, seeded 36th, against Some Team. We played well in the game, taking a strong lead …Read More

Curve climb rankings at Mixed Tour


Curve headed across the border to the Land of Huw’s Fathers for Mixed Tour 1 in Cardiff. The team, ranging from the old and haggard (myself) to the young, beautiful and new to frisbee (Miss Malin Lindholm), hopped into our charter bus, and headed over the Pont Hafren, to shouts of `Contact’ and espionage from the back.

Saturday started with a very strange sight – sunshine! We started off …Read More