Curve News | Oct 2015

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Development Trainings

During October, Curve Ultimate ran a series of sessions aimed at developing fundamental skills in players across all ability levels. These are continuing throughout November and December, and are welocome to all players. Previous sessions have covered throwing and cutting, and the next session is a focus on downfield marking. From now on, all Sunday sessions will run from 1pm until 2:30pm, so join us today and have your boots …Read More

Curve 1 at London Calling

2015 Summary – Open

The 2015 Open Tour season was the most succesful in the the history of the club, with the two teams finishing 18th and 45th overall respectively. This goals for the year had been to introduce further focus to the squad and crystallise it’s playing style after the great results of the previous year. Many thanks go out the Nye Cominetti, Alex Lawson, David Ford, and the other coaches, as well …Read More

Curve @ MT2 2014/15

2014/15 Summary – Mixed

Curve Mixed had the second most succesful season in the club’s history, finishing 18th overall in the Mixed Tour standings. Lead by David Ford and Sahil Patel, the squad strong fielded competitive teams across all three weekends and battled their way through gale-force winds, blistering sunshine, and underwheleming cloudy days to make the Curve community proud. Let’s hope for future succeses in the 2015/16 season!