Mixed squad aims for 2017

Curve at Mixed Tour 3 in Cheltenham

Curve at Mixed Tour 3 in Cheltenham

Curve Mixed 2017 will be an inclusive team that players at any level should be able to find a place in trainings for, and dependent on player numbers, be able to play Mixed Tour with. We are aiming to be as competitive as possible, but without sacrificing training sessions and tournaments being enjoyable. A team that enjoys playing together, with full commitment to playing as hard as possible, and supporting each other on and off the field.

The aim for Curve Mixed 2017 is to win games through continuous execution on basic skills on offence, and playing hard defence, cutting out the other teams’ options under, then using the UK’s April and May weather as our 8th man on defence when we’re successful in forcing the long option.

We will drill one, possibly two zones, depending on how well the team progresses in trainings. For offence, there will be a couple of simple systems to start getting the disc moving, and from there on, the play will be fairly organic in structure.

With that set of aims, training will be structured around a set of drills that focus on getting the squad comfortable throwing to hard under and away cuts accurately, and playing man defence to cut out under cuts.
The feedback from the player survey was that people wanted to play on a team that was pushing to achieve the best possible result it could, whilst remaining inclusive in terms of who could play. With that in mind, trainings will be open to all, with drills separated into Mixed Squad and non-squad players if numbers require/allow. Ideally we’ll take two teams to as many Mixed Tours as possible, but that is dependent on numbers. If cuts on 1st/2nd team, or who’s on the team if there is only one, will be made on a number of criteria, in no particular order:

• Attendance at Mixed focussed sessions
• Positive attitude and engagement at those sessions
• Mix on the team of handlers vs cutters, O vs D focussed players etc
• Skills/ability
• Availability for other tours

Join the squad’s facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1740235966294818/

Any questions, or feedback, send me a facebook message.

Brickers, Mixed Captain 2017