Mixed training sessions announced


Curve are gearing up for the Mixed season 2018 and want you to join us. As the most prominent mixed team in North London, we are looking to recruit new talent, welcome back returning players and develop newbies.

Firstly, a little bit about myself. In almost 10 years of playing mixed Ultimate, I have learnt that the top teams consistently perform well because they bring an intensity and have a chemistry with their team mates.

What struck me in my 6 months at Curve was the depth in experience in both men and women, but also the respect between the genders that is vital for top quality mixed ultimate. The committee and I are excited build a competitive first team across the season that can challenge for top tier Ultimate, but also to develop a serious second team where up and coming players can learn and develop.

With that in mind I would like to welcome all to the first in our series mixed focused sessions – Damian Rumble, Allie McClure & Rob Dover.

A special note for the women of Vurve. As I’m sure everyone here is aware availability of women makes or breaks most Mixed teams. I really want to be in the position to enter two teams this year and that means getting at least 12 women for each tour, so your presence is really valued! There are mixed teams out there that play only with their men. I would like to offer you my assurances right now that that is not the way I play mixed. I want Curve to be in a position where by we can field four women on a line as a position of strength.

Sunday 26th November & Sunday 17th December

Clissold Park (home of summer league and Curve) from 2pm

Bring Boots, Water, Light, Dark and Thermals (this winter after all)

Bring yourselves, bring your friends, bring your girlfriends/boyfriends, bring your happy faces

To get (even) sexier (at Ultimate) and Tour with Curve this Spring.


November –