Curve climb rankings at Mixed Tour


Curve headed across the border to the Land of Huw’s Fathers for Mixed Tour 1 in Cardiff. The team, ranging from the old and haggard (myself) to the young, beautiful and new to frisbee (Miss Malin Lindholm), hopped into our charter bus, and headed over the Pont Hafren, to shouts of `Contact’ and espionage from the back.

Saturday started with a very strange sight – sunshine! We started off against a strong and badly seeded Cambridge Ultimate, who reminded us of the importance of coming out at full steam. However, we took that lesson into our next three games which we won – establishing a strong lead at the start of each game and never giving it up. We finished the day 2nd in our group, in a great position for the next day.

Overnight we picked up Sarah Brittle, who’s arrival I presume was slowed due to a new piece of rather special jewellery. We started against some familiar faces, Mustard. Curve started strong and never let up, taking the game convincingly. Next was against ABH – we pushed them to 9-9 in a game to 11, but unfortunately they just had the legs to take the game, leaving us to play for 39th place (7 up on our seeding) against Sneakeys. After a long and hard fought game, it got to game point, with Alex setting up the play just outside their endzone. He threw an excellent disc for the final pass to win the game (and 39th place!) for Curve

Art won MVP, proving that age and guile beat youth and beauty, but it was fantastic play all round – looking forward to Tour 2!