Northern Soul

Curve travelled to Manchester to enjoy a little bit of northern soul at Mixed Tour 2. The journey up saw an unusually erudite Curve team discussing their wine preferences and the questionable abilities of sommeliers, before the beer kicked in and shouts of `Contact’ and willy jokes heralded us back to safe territory.

We started, seeded 36th, against Some Team. We played well in the game, taking a strong lead going into the cap. Unfortunately, Some Team finished strongly, and ended up taking the game. Next game against Team Shark saw us again having a lead as the hooter went, but we managed to hold out for the win in this game. Overall, we finished Saturday with two wins and two losses, but unfortunately finishing fourth in the group due to an unlucky 3 way tie.

On Sunday morning, after our disappointment on the three way tie, we sought revenge against this cruel world and Halycon bore the brunt as we rolled out 15-0 winners. A tight loss against Black Sheep was followed by our final game, against Flyght Club, for 45th. The weather got grey and very windy, but after taking the first point upwind, Curve played our best game (in my opinion) moving the disc really well and giving options long and short, to take the win 15-3.

Emma D won MVP, on her first appearance in a Curve shirt. it was great play from everyone though – looking forward to MT3!