Outdoor Training


Come and train with us in the beautiful Clissold Park (not shown: sticky mud and mosquitoes)

Training normally consists of a few drills followed by a pick-up game and then drinks and food in the Brownswood Pub. We train on the west side of Clissold Park parallel to Green Lanes.

Indoor training

During the autumn, winter and early spring we train for indoor tournaments on Wednesday nights at various local venues. See the facebook group for more details.

Beginners training

Beginners training happens on the first Sunday of every month and is run alongside the main training session. However, beginners are welcome to come to normal training sessions where an experienced player will make sure you are guided through the session.

Fitness sessions

During the spring and summer we run evening and early morning fitness sessions in the park and on a beach volleyball court in Shoreditch. See the facebook group for more details.

Swimming sessions

Throughout the year group swimming sessions are organised at Clissold Leisure Centre. Check out the facebook group to see when the next one is on.

Improve your game

Here’s a list of great websites where you can enhance your knowledge of the game:

Utlimate Handbook – great for learning the tactics used in ultimate whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or an advanced player looking for new ideas.

Brodie Smith instructional videos get lessons from the world’s most famous ultimate player on how to throw, catch and mark.

UK Ultimate – study the rules of the sport here and explore the rest of the site to find out about the latest news and events from around the UK.


Do you use any other websites to help you with your game? Please send them to us and we’ll add them to our list.