Vurve’s successful debut at SICKO

Curve’s women’s team took third place at SICKO indoor tournament in Burgess Hill earlier in October.

Hosted by Brighton Ultimate, the two-day indoor tournament involved women’s, open and beginner mixed divisions. Vurve, the brainchild of Curve’s women’s captain Laura ‘Nel’ Payne, was seeded 4th place out of 10 teams. After a solid start on the first day, Vurve held seeding, losing only one match out of four to Brighton Pretty (seeded 1st). Day two of the tournament saw the team ┬ábring out the can of whoop-ass, quite literally via some dodgy improv’,┬ádominating the first match of the day, but falling short of winning the second match against the tournament champs, Durhamazing. Undeterred, Vurve brought their game and intensity to their final match against a very athletic-looking Brighton Ugly, taking the win at third place.

SICKO was Vurve’s first tournament since its inception in September. The weekend proved to be a promising start to Curve’s branching women’s ultimate force.